Sunday, 21 September 2014

Black Magic

Okay so this is a quick post about me feeling a lil crafty the other day,well I was bored I guess and they say creativity flows when you are bored,or shall I blame it on my hormones to make me feel that way,lol,whatever it is,it was fun.That is what matters in the end,right? 

So out of nowhere I felt like stitching a lil black dress for Barbie,or rather I had this tiny piece of black cloth in front of me which looked like a perfect ingredient for my sudden LBD project! ;) 

Here are the things I had used to make the dress~ black scrap cloth,a pair of scissors,black thread,needle and last but not the least a red floral washi tape which belongs to my daughter.Actually after sewing the dress I felt it required a bit of decorating,so I ransacked my daughter's craft pouch,of course she was in the school,and there I found this pretty thing,it was easy,just stick it and voila!! Yup I am not at all a sewing person,in fach I totally lack in the deparment of patience,so obviously I needed something to cheat with in the end,at least I sew the dress,so yayyy!! :D
Here comes the most GORGEOUS model,Miss Elizabeth Benett to show off my creation,for fall winter 2014 ;) Let's add a matching scarf to make her feel a bit warm and stylish at the same time!
So what do you think of it guys? What was the last time you had tried a bit of sewing for your dolls? Any easy trick? These days those glittery glam Barbie clothes are so damn expensive,we can't buy them all,so what harm in being CRAFTY once in a while!! :D 

I know I know we will always end up buying those super cute tiny winy Barbie clothes no matter how much we try to resist the temptation thought in the beginning,at least a few will always find a way to come home with us if not all!! 

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Alluring Claudia

Okay so these days I not only regret about not owning all the basics,I also regret about not owning all the Stardolls by Barbie,which got released in the year 2011! I received her,my only Stardoll as a present from a friend who got hold of her in Dubai for me,God bless him! ;) Unfortunately these dolls (Stardolls by Barbie) were never actually released in India.

Since 2012 I have noticed a great improvement in the Indian toy market in terms of the availability of new releases by Mattel,which certainly makes me very happy,YAYYY!! These days I see almost all the new releases (Barbie) except the male dolls and very very high end collector dolls,which is another BIG regret of my life,that I don't own a single Ken or Ryan,can you believe it guys? Male dolls are not even available in the Middle East,my friend who brought me Claudia from Dubai,has informed me that upon looking for Ken over there he was told by the salesmen at the toy shops "we don't keep male dolls as children might get engaged in some sort of adult playtime with male and female dolls" !!! My goodness what a primitive thought,only if it could actually prevent a child from playing oh-so-adult stuff just by imposing a BAN ON THE MALE DOLLS! LOL.

I named her Claudia Parker,I guess I must have been hugely influenced by awesome Sarah Jessica Parker!! ;)