Sunday, 2 November 2014

Coffee With Midge

Hello doll lovers of the world!! Hope you had an awesome Halloween this year.

The weather  is so lovely these days,the other day I took my Midge out to a nearby cafeteria,don't remember what was the last time I was so enthusiastic about taking a doll out,haha! I know I am being partial to her a lot,these days :D 

Anyways it was a weekday afternoon so the cafeteria was not crowded at all which worked in my advantage,so just a few curious eyes here and there were all that I had to face,not many you see :D 
Here is the outcome of Midge's day out ;) I dressed her up in floral,it goes so well with her charming personality.Thank God it's not cold yet,as I don't have any winter gear for my dolls,I guess because of our hot and humid weather mostly our toy stores only bring summer clothes for dolls,luckily it's not the same for the humans!  :D :D 

Have an awesome Sunday <3



Sunday, 19 October 2014

Raquelle,The Classic Beauty

Hello,doll lovers across the globe,hope you all are having a relaxing Sunday at your end! :) 

The other day I did a lil photo shoot with none other than rocking Raquelle,my most charming girl in the doll family,and as always she delivered some awesome shots,later it was fun to change the photos into black and white,I am a huge fan of black and white photography,it gives a classic touch to your photos instantly.I just keep doing it with my photos,I constantly keep changing them to BW.What about you? Are you fond of any particular filters? 

Model - Raquelle 2012
LBD from Barbie Basics collection.

Love,peace and happiness galore for you 


Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Midge In Polka Dot

Well who doesn't love polka dot ? whether it's an accessory or a dress/top,anything with polka dots can cheer you up instantly apart from looking cute on you and we have no shame in admitting that,we women are a big fan of polka dot fashion,at least some of us are if not all!! ;) 

Big polka dot can be overwhelming at times,especially if you try to incorporate them in an entire outfit,but they look really good on accessories like tote bags,in fact I have a weakness for polka dot scrapbook papers and upholstery.

As I already informed you guys that I not only had purchased Midge I also bought her fashion pack the other day,so that she doesn't need to borrow clothes from the other gals in the house and get bullied by any of them! :D 

So this is the very cute Midge fashion pack by Mattel which has no pink or glitter in it,yayyyy,it's so refreshing,right? I especially love the pairing of sleeveless-polka dot-red-white tank top and the blue denims,it's so adorable,I had my eyes on this pack since Mattel launched it and I got the first glimpse of it on the web.I also love both the shoes,they are really pretty.Today Midge only tried one outfit as the other one she felt more suitable for the Easter,have you noticed those two fluffy bunnies on thefull-sleeve  top? ;) I personally wish Mattel didn't choose to make the other top so childish,after all they were designing a top for Midge not for Chelsea or Stacie !! :/
Midge was super joyed to model for her own fashion pack,although my other girls are waiting to steal her clothese already,especially Raquelle and Summer!! :D Barbie is still calm and unaffected by all these silly incidents in the house as she is pretty confident about her pink clothes! 

Midge looks so adorable in this outfit,doesn't she?

Well that was all about my doll world for today.

On a more personal note I would like to share that,I am thankful to have my dolls to turn to when I get hurt by people or feel depressed about something,this unreal world of dolls help me to overcome the's always healing to have your personal "secret garden".For us it's our dolls,for someone it might be their books or pets or never know what works best for you unless one fine day your broken heart starts getting healed by a certain hobby or an attachment to a thing that might seem silly to others.

Let there be love and light :) 

Friday, 10 October 2014

Midge,My New Muse

A new member has arrived in my dolly family after long,who is none other than Barbie's BFF Midge,and let me tell you,she is so beautiful that I am constantly planning a new shoot with her!! Her expression and facial features are the biggest plus points.Now I hope Raquelle doesn't  hear me praising Midge! :D Btw Midge is my first rooted eyelash doll from Barbie that Mattel has released,so you can understand how special she is for me.

Here is some info about the older version of Midge that I had collected from the web.
"Barbie got her first best friend in 1963, when red haired freckled-faced Midge Hadley came onto the market. Midge had a variety of hair colors which matched with her swimsuit: Blonde came with two shades of blue, brunette came with pink and red, and titian came with yellow and orange. She is most noted as being a redhead."

Not my photo :)
Not my photo:) 

"In 1963, Mattel introduced Midge onto the market, which had lesser makeup and a more friendly look than Barbie, and won the hearts of little girls everywhere, just like Barbie. Midge started dating Alan Sherwood in 1964, while Barbie was dating Alan Sherwood's  friend Ken. Midge, Barbie, Alan and Ken would double-date. Midge disappeared in 1967, and Barbie got a new best friend, P.J., who used the same Midge face mold. The only difference was that P.J. had rooted eyelashes and only came in blonde.Midge came back in 1988, with California Dream Midge which used the "Steffie" mold from the early '70s. The same mold was used for "Cool Times" Midge in 1989. In 1990, she used the "Diva" mold."
Wow that's some info,btw don't you think today's Midge is more prettier and savy? Haha,well,aren't we all these days? ;)
Here is the new Midge,she comes with another dress,which is of course a bonus,I love to buy dolls with extra clothes,they are so much fun to open,right? 

She comes in this pretty red dress and red polka dotted jacket,which makes her look so adorable as soon as you catch the very first glimpse of her.

Lets open her jacket now :) 

Isn't she adorable ?

Here she is,in her other dress,which is a polka dotted one,looks like Midge is a big fan of polka dots,the best part about Midge is that none of her clothes are PINK,I am just so tired of those cutesy pink clothes that Mattel keep releasing every year without any fail!!
Such a pretty frock:) 

I used snapseed vintage filter for the last photo,I guess it perfectly suits her oh-so-exotic-face-with-a-vintage touch,what do you think? 

So that was all I had to ramble about today. Btw I also bought the Midge fashion pack the other day,which Midge is gonna model for you soon,till then wish you all a lovely weekend from Midge n me! <3 

Pamela B 

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Black Magic

Okay so this is a quick post about me feeling a lil crafty the other day,well I was bored I guess and they say creativity flows when you are bored,or shall I blame it on my hormones to make me feel that way,lol,whatever it is,it was fun.That is what matters in the end,right? 

So out of nowhere I felt like stitching a lil black dress for Barbie,or rather I had this tiny piece of black cloth in front of me which looked like a perfect ingredient for my sudden LBD project! ;) 

Here are the things I had used to make the dress~ black scrap cloth,a pair of scissors,black thread,needle and last but not the least a red floral washi tape which belongs to my daughter.Actually after sewing the dress I felt it required a bit of decorating,so I ransacked my daughter's craft pouch,of course she was in the school,and there I found this pretty thing,it was easy,just stick it and voila!! Yup I am not at all a sewing person,in fach I totally lack in the deparment of patience,so obviously I needed something to cheat with in the end,at least I sew the dress,so yayyy!! :D
Here comes the most GORGEOUS model,Miss Elizabeth Benett to show off my creation,for fall winter 2014 ;) Let's add a matching scarf to make her feel a bit warm and stylish at the same time!
So what do you think of it guys? What was the last time you had tried a bit of sewing for your dolls? Any easy trick? These days those glittery glam Barbie clothes are so damn expensive,we can't buy them all,so what harm in being CRAFTY once in a while!! :D 

I know I know we will always end up buying those super cute tiny winy Barbie clothes no matter how much we try to resist the temptation thought in the beginning,at least a few will always find a way to come home with us if not all!! 

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Alluring Claudia

Okay so these days I not only regret about not owning all the basics,I also regret about not owning all the Stardolls by Barbie,which got released in the year 2011! I received her,my only Stardoll as a present from a friend who got hold of her in Dubai for me,God bless him! ;) Unfortunately these dolls (Stardolls by Barbie) were never actually released in India.

Since 2012 I have noticed a great improvement in the Indian toy market in terms of the availability of new releases by Mattel,which certainly makes me very happy,YAYYY!! These days I see almost all the new releases (Barbie) except the male dolls and very very high end collector dolls,which is another BIG regret of my life,that I don't own a single Ken or Ryan,can you believe it guys? Male dolls are not even available in the Middle East,my friend who brought me Claudia from Dubai,has informed me that upon looking for Ken over there he was told by the salesmen at the toy shops "we don't keep male dolls as children might get engaged in some sort of adult playtime with male and female dolls" !!! My goodness what a primitive thought,only if it could actually prevent a child from playing oh-so-adult stuff just by imposing a BAN ON THE MALE DOLLS! LOL.

I named her Claudia Parker,I guess I must have been hugely influenced by awesome Sarah Jessica Parker!! ;) 

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Her Golden Curls


 I need no excuse to shoot my favourite Barbie basic,she is so PHOTOGENIC with her golden curls,you know who I am talking about by now! :D Unfortunately I own just two basic,these days  I do regret not buying more of them! :/

I named her Elizabeth Benet ,oh yes after the most awesome heroine of the novel Pride And Prejudice by Jane Austin.As it goes in the book Elizabeth never fails to charm the readers,she is a spontaneous, high-spirited, vivacious, witty, and warm young lady. She is also a bright, complex, and intriguing individual who is realistic about life.Elizabeth is an honest individual, both to others and to herself,which is a very fascinating human quality according to me.Here is my take on modern day Lizzy.
Isn't she truly lovely? No matter how I dress her up the photographs always come out good! So you got to excuse me for repeating her again and again.I guess I am deeply in love with her! <3 

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

My Adorable Teresa

This is a Teresa I had bought in the year 2012,she doesn't have a fashionista body,still I brought  her home just because I liked her face a lot.For me it really makes a difference if the doll has a pretty face.I am sure many of you will agree with me that a beautiful face is really hard to resist! ;) 

Here I post a few pics of my lovely Teresa for your eyes only,hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I do! <3 
By the way she borrowed this dress from fashionista Raquelle,who actually had a doubt whether Teresa would be able to look presentable in this attire or not!! ;)