Monday, 31 December 2012

Holiday Barbie 2012

Hi friends,firstly my apology for being quiet for the last few days,I was busyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy,I turned 40 on 26th Dec,I went for a short trip,all these kept me away from the blogging world,I MISSED YOU ALL!
Here is a collage of my B'day pics for you to see!:)
Life begins at 40! ;)

I had to do a little photo shoot with her,no matter how hectic it was....................

That's all for now friends,WISH YOU ALL A VERY HAPPY & PROSPEROUS 2013,may all your dreams and desires get fulfilled!! :D
Hugz & kisses for you! 


Friday, 21 December 2012

Beautiful Winter

Hi doll lovers,you must be ready for the Christmas 2012,that reminds me that WE ARE STILL ALIVE,isn't it great? :D Now we can say the Doomsday prediction was wrong,lol.Winter is my favourite season,I look forward to it,as it's pleasantly cold in India,after a long summer and dull monsoon winter is the most lovable visitor who we eagerly wait for............

Finally I took a break from my lazy winter days and decided to do  a fun winter shoot with my lovely ladies,hope you like it!Here are a few pics for you to enjoy over a cup of coffee on a wintry day/night,depending on your time zone! :) First two pics are of Teresa,isn't she pretty?
Now it's Barbie,always pretty in pink!!;)
Teresa again..............

Now it's time for me to check out your lovely blogs,you all must be very busy with Christmas shopping and decorating stuff!

Wish you all A MERRY CHRISTMAS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Have lots of fun!


Sunday, 2 December 2012

Hello December

I love December for many reasons,there is a sense of joy filling up the air,it's the month of gathering and gifting!It's my favourite month,may be because I am a December girl by birth,you are right,I am a Capricorn! :D
Many of you must be staying in countries where it snows,unfortunately I am not.Are you planning to take your dolls out in the snow and click a few cool pics ?
As I was saying finally we entered the last month of 2012,the countdown has begun to 2013,it all seems so fast to me......
A new year means a new beginning for many of us or may be for all of us!December is the month of holidays and celebration,I love shopping in winter,all the malls are decked up,in childhood I would wait for my winter breaks eagerly,what about you?
I love the vast choice for winter fashion,jackets,coats,scarves,gloves,jumpers,boots,there is so much option to look hot when it's cold outside! ;)

Stay fashionable this winter,both you and your dolls,have lots of fun,that reminds me Mattel doesn't give much choices for winter fashion in my country(India),all the dress packs available in the stores seem to be either glittery or summery,which is a serious issue in MY DOLLY WORLD!! :( Do you also face the same problem or you are an expert in knitting Fashionable winter gears for your dolls? :)