Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Wish You All A Frightfully Awesome Halloween!

Hi friends,wish you all a "Happy Halloween" !!!!! Halloween is celebrated in a gala way in Pam's TOY Town,here I present two of my most evil gals Barbie & Teresa in the spirit of Halloweeeeen!!!!!
Believe me friends,they are in no mood to scare you guys.......btw what are your plans for the Halloween 2012 !!!!
Barbie in the valley of corpses! 
                                  Spooky Teresa
Barbie & her dear friend Teresa love to wander around on the Halloween night to see what other ohhh-soo-frightening dolls are up to !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As the night progresses.............. it's time for Barbie &Teresa to get inside the Coffin in the graveyard before all YOU brave-hearts faint and blame it on THE halloweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By now all of you know how much I love to edit my pics,I just go on and on,so there is no better ocassion for me other than Halloween to show my craze!! Let me know which is your fave picture???:):):) Your opinion is all that matters to me!:D

Happy Halloween


Thursday, 25 October 2012

Me & Teresa Together!!

Hi friends,today I am very happy and excited because finally I found Barbie's friend Teresa when I lost all my hope to ever find her ever!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it? I found her at a store where I never even thought of looking for her!:D:D:D Here is a surprise photo session for you,it's me with Teresaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!;)
 Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
How could I not take her out of the box ??
They always give a cute ring with Barbie and her fashionista friends,which my daughter loves to wear,here is a pic for you to take a look at her hand!!:)
Now a bit of posing time for Teresa,yes out in the mall only,why not?;)

Isn't she stunningly beautiful? Her hair is so gorgeous,her eyes are like a deep blue sea,and her lips are like rose petals.....................hmmmm I know I should stop now!!:/

Finally how could my daughter not buy a toy when I bought another doll??? Arrrghhhhhhhhhhhhh
Here is the picture of what she bought,btw her "Disney Princess Shopping Set" is costlier than my cutie pie Teresa :p

That's all for now!!!Hugzzzzz:):):)


Thursday, 18 October 2012

Barbie & I Love To Be Online

Hi friends,are you addicted to the Internet? Well I must confess I am ,so is my Barbie!;) Now the question is who will decide how much is too much?
Barbie loves to be on line 24/7,she has so much to do.These days ,we all love to be on line as much as we can,we just can't think of living without Internet any more.My life will stop functioning if Internet is no more,even the thought seems so SCARYYYY to me!!!!!!!!!!
OMG Barbie's Internet addiction is on the rise................
Internet allows millions of computer users around the world to stay in touch,to exchange information with each other which would have never been possible otherwise.I just can't think of a single day passing by when I don't come on line.Who knows it better than ALL YOU bloggers around the globe? I came across so many lovely people on line,because of various negative experiences some people say "Internet does more harm than good",but to me it always did more good than harm! Otherwise how would I have met all you amazing doll lovers around the world ? :D Some 4 years ago I was getting into severe depression,life seemed so ugly that I lost my urge to live.......Internet saved me !!! Being on line did wonder for me,today I am still alive because of the Internet! :):):):)
Internet has brought communication to a whole new level,we no longer need to wait forever for a oversees mail or spend a lot of money over the international phone calls as we have the facility of sending an email or chatting with our loved ones on instant messenger.I just can't imagine my existence without Internet any more.What about YOU ?

I would love to know your opinion on the matter. And how much time do you usually stay on line on a daily basis? And what are the activities that YOU most enjoy, on line?

Here are the few things that I mostly do on line;
sending emails
chatting with my friends
editing my pics and uploading them on the web(this one I enjoy the most)
using search engines for any info that I am looking for
playing games 
face booking...twitting....reading..I can go on & on!!:):):)

That's all for now!;)


Monday, 15 October 2012

Barbie I Can Be Tennis Champion

 Walt Disney said "If you can dream it,you can do it",in the past two years Mattel had launched quite a few "Barbie I  can be" dolls,among which the one caught my eyes long ago but still I was delaying to buy it was none other than,"Barbie,I can be tennis champion".Finally I decided to bring her home.Here I present Barbie the Tennis Champion for YOU!
Her wrists are not articulated which I find is a plus point with her,because she can hold the tennis racket quite firmly in her hand and secondly her hands look pretty to me as there is no joint visible other than her elbow,I know many of you wouldn't agree with me though!!;)
After ages I got to see such beautiful Barbie hands!:)
In the above picture you can see my Tennis champion in different moods!:D
Now I will show you what she does to keep herself fit for her tournaments !:)
Now some more stretches for your eyes only...
Do you see the tiny hole in the ball? It's there to ensure that the tennis ball can be attached to the racket as and when you need to click your champion gal in action!;)
Like this one!:)
She needs rest I believe,to tell you the truth it's my fault,I just keep clickinggggggggggg...........
Here she is ready for a glam photo-shoot.These days sports people are the most in demand for commercials,aren't they?

There is this yellow jacket kinda thing lying in my non-branded doll items box,let me try it on her,I think it will perfectly suit her sporty image!!:)
Overall I liked her,she has a girly charm on her face,her white sneakers are very cute,so is her outfit,I love her make-up,I know it's a little dramatic though!;) I don't mind.

That's all for now friends,have a wonderful week ahead,let me know your opinion about my Tennis gal!:):):)


Thursday, 11 October 2012

My Obsession With Editing

Hi friends,today I want to tell you about my love for editing,yes,I love to edit my pics,in fact I am obsessed with it.In my opinion if the straight out of the camera photo is good it can be enhanced slightly to make it better or may be best! 

 Above is the collage I posted for you,which consists of 4 straight out of the camera pics of the same shoot! As far as clicking my dolls are concerned I keep on clicking them unless I get that one knock out shot!;););) We all do that,don't we ?

My photo shoots are never over until my photos are edited and my post production is complete! With digital images I feel each of my images should get my special attention,of course this step comes in only after the final selection of my images. I am talking about all the basic editing tools that are available on each computer,even with a few enhancements here and a few sharpening or cropping there you can achieve amazing result,I won't deny it's time consuming. 
I have noticed that depending on the time of the day and my mood I will have totally different effect on my photos,if I sit with the same photo on another day you will find a completely different photo from me.
Each of us has our own way of dealing with a photo!!
Editing is fun,it adds a spark to the photo.Especially with dolls you can achieve amazing result,a simple photo can be made to look spectacular.
Editing of my photos is an extension of who I am and how I feel emotionally at that moment!:)
That's all for now,I would love to know about YOUR way of dealing with a shoot,I am sure I would find something interesting to learn from YOU!!


Monday, 8 October 2012

Who Wore It Better

Hi friends,I couldn't post in the past few days neither could I comment on your posts,I had some ugly real life issues going on in my life,which kept me away from the enchanting dolly I decided to be back in the world of dolls,I think because of my dolls and all you lovely doll lovers I am still able to keep my sanity intact in the big bad real world,or may be I had already lost it lol!!!!Anyway who cares ;)

My today's post is all about who wears a certain dress better,there is this cute little dress which was originally Sassy's meet outfit,I like this dress because of its cut,colour combination and length,I thought why not try it on Barbie,Raquelle and Nikki one by one...I live the rest on all you dolly fashion EXPERTS to decide "who wore it better" in your opinion!!!!:D:D:D
Sassy who originally wore the dress!!
Who shall I try the dress on at first...hmm it has to be none other than the Barbie!!!!!!
Barbie !!
Next would be Raquelle!
Now it's Nikki's turn!
Nikki !!

Who do you think wore it better ? Is it Barbie,Sassy,Raquelle or Nikki?

That's all for now,friends!


Thursday, 4 October 2012

Barbie Back In Town

 Finally Barbie is back in town after spending another hectic week in New York as a Goodwill brand ambassador of a world renowned charitable organisation,she had to attend many social events through out the days and private parties in the nights. Barbie is extremely tired,she just wants to head towards her home straight from the airport,but being a celeb there is no escape from paparazzi at the airport! 

At the Airport after landing!
Barbie reaches home!Although very exhausted but she is happy to be back home :) A home is where your heart is!!:)
Barbie's life is all about packing and unpacking ;)
Time for dinner at Barbie house,after having outside food for all these days.................... Barbie prefers Oreo cookies with a glass of milk tonight!;)
Barbie just wanna hit the bed asap,but before that she needs to hear Ken's soothing voice to make her feel loved and happy. So "bye" from her!!!

A VERY BIG "THANK YOU" TO ALL MY FOLLOWERS for your love and support,without you all lovely dolly people I would have never got MY FIRST 50 followers,yayyyyyyy !!!!:D:D:D