Tuesday, 28 August 2012

My New Fashionista Nikki

Hi friends,today I am gonna introduce Nikki of Barbie fashionista range,she is the newest member of my dolly family!! I tried my best to resist her as long as I could,but the other day I just lost my control nd bought her lol.I only purchase new dolls as I have OCD so sometimes I really end up overspending! :( But at the end of the day I never regret,as I am in love with all my dolls,they never fail to make me happy!!!!!:D

Isn't she gorgeous ? I only have two dark skinned dolls so far,Nicky nd Artsy,dark skinned dolls are not yet popular in my country,here most of the population is born with either whitish complexion or dusky,so they worship anything fair!!!!!But I look forward to the day when the toy shops in my country will be flooded with dark skinned dolls.I personally love collecting all sorts of dolls regardless of their complexions,as long as I find them adorable & affordable!!!:)

Before I sign off I would request you to share your views on the matter ;) Do you like to work with both dark nd fair skinned dolls or you have a preference ?


Saturday, 25 August 2012

Let's Have A Monochrome Sunday

Hi doll lovers,first I would like to wish YOU ALL a rocking Sunday!! It's been a pleasure meeting you all.If you have been following my blog regularly one thing you must have noticed that my posts are full of colours, I love colours,all the colours in the world,from light to dark! I just love to play with different colours while making each of them stand out,which can be really challenging at times.But today my theme is black nd white ;)Here are my two colour photos for your viewing so that you have a clear idea of the doll and what she was actually wearing before I show you the B&W version ;) ;)
 In my opinion there is just something very special about black & white photography,it makes you nostalgic instantly.I am a big fan of classic Hollywood B&W  movies,when you didn't have the support of colours except black and white to beautify your shots yet every movie was a masterpiece.I would love to know who is your fave heroine from that era? I have a long list,here it goes :Jean Harlow,Lauren Bacall,Katherine Hepburn,Rita Hayworth,Greta Garbo,Vivien Leigh!!:)

As I said, today I am in no mood to use colours OTHER THAN BLACK & WHITE to brighten up my photos,some of you might feel disappointed but with little patience I am sure you would like to enjoy the old world charm in my snaps.By the way today my model is Summer (Barbie fashionista range),here I present blonde bombshell Summer:

Don't you think there is something mysterious and sensual about B&W photos? Although I am just a beginner in doll photography compared to all of YOU experienced doll photographers out there,so MANY THANKS for dropping by!! YOUR valuable comments are much appreciated :):)


Sunday, 19 August 2012

Barbie,Summer & Raquelle Go On A Picnic

Hi friends,sorry for not being able to post much in the past few days :/ But once I tell you the reason I am sure you are gonna feel sorry for me because the truth is my models were truly exhausted by posing for me a lot ;) So Barbie and two of her best buddies Raquelle and Summer decided to take a break.......I absolutely had no idea what they were up to until they were back home last evening and ruined my sleep by their giggles and cat fights!!!!!!!!!:D Here are the pics for you to take a look at all the fun they had...............

BTW they went for a picnic,I would love to see you all going back to your best picnic memories while going through the pics here!!!!! Here they come.........

 My beauties are home,I am relaxed,I just love their company so much! But after spending too much time in the sun they have tanned a bit,especially Barbie and Summer :( My Raquelle is still glowing though with her peaches and cream complexion :) :) Muaah to her for not being naughty like the other two!!!

I would like to sign off now,but before that wanna tell you something .. if you are a doll crazy person like me and haven't followed me yet,then plz follow me,as I already have some real doll lovers as my followers who I AM VERY PROUD OF,but still I want some more :) If you or any of your friends or family has a blog,then give me the link in comment,I WOULD SURELY FOLLOW THEM!!!!!!!! 

Plz feel free to comment abt which is your fave pic from the picnic shoot!!


Tuesday, 14 August 2012

A Photo-shoot With Raquelle

Hi everyone,you must have noticed lately I was giving too much attention to Barbie's Summer :/ Well I agree that she is very gorgeous but my other babes are really unhappy with me,so here I present beautiful Raquelle with all her awesomeness to mesmerise you.......................

That was my beautiful Raquelle,clicking her in any outfit is such a fun,she just rocks!!!! Sometimes I just forget time when I start shooting with my gals,the whole universe stops for me........

My readers must be already aware of my passion for fashion dolls,I am very happy these days to be able to share my passion with you all beautiful people out there.

"Thank you so much" to all my precious followers,your presence is my treasure,your comments make my days brighter!!!


Saturday, 11 August 2012

Barbie or Summer? New Fashionistas-

Hi everyone,as I told you last week I was too busy with my daughter's exam so this week I am really on a doll shopping spree,which is the best way to de-stress according to me and all the doll lovers in the world,if you are a doll lover too you would surely agree with me!!!

I bought two dolls, one is Barbie fashionista another is Barbie's friend Summer,she is also a fashionista :D Here I post two pics of my two newest doll!! 
Hollywood Barbie
Barbie's friend Summer from "Life in A Dream-house series"!!
Now I wanna know your opinion about both my new gals ;) Tell me who do you like the most??
Any ways bye for now,it's 11:43 in the night in my


Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Summer The Flower Girl

Hi everyone,what's happening in your dolly world ? I was really busy with my daughter's exam last week,as soon as her exam was over I went for doll shopping,yayyyyyy I was overjoyed because I bought two dolls together after a long time, one is Hollywood Barbie,another is Barbie's friend Summer from the series "Life In A Dream House".Both dolls are gorgeous as always,but my fave is Summer between two of them,what's my fault if they launch a more attractive face mould for Barbie's friend not for the actual diva Barbie!!! As per my daughter's opinion they can not change Barbie's face so they are experimenting with her friends,lol,any ways last night I did a photo session with my newest gal Summer,to tell you the truth I never expected that this shoot would turn out so good!!!

 That was Summer,my friends,tell me how do you like her? You know something,since the day I saw her picture I decided to buy her immediately...I just love everything about Summer,her eyes are so deep,her lips are so beautiful and so is her complexion.Eternal flower girl Audrey Hepburn in the Hollywood classic "My Fair Lady" was the inspiration behind my yesterday's shoot :D

I would love to know what was the last doll that you purchased?:D BTW if you have a blog about dolls or any other blog where you need followers,then I would love to follow you of course only after you follow me here ;) ;) ;)


Monday, 6 August 2012

Sassy Photo Shoot

Hi dolls,this is Sassy here,don't tell me you were expecting Pam nd blah I had a hectic day at the studio,I was shooting for a magazine cover and the director was an crazy, old man who was a perfectionist!!!!!To tell you the truth we models got no life,we are just nothing but a muse,I am slowly getting famous though!!Pam says "way to go Sassy"!!! ;) Anyways I wanna show you the best pics from my today's shoot,you are gonna love it,I am confident! Muaaahhh :D

That's all for tonight...I need to get up early tomorrow for an appointment with a model co-ordinator!!!!!!

Let's see whether I am offered a new contract or not!


Friday, 3 August 2012

Artsy The Stunner

Hi doll lovers,last evening I did a little photo shoot with Artsy,she is the most gorgeous black doll in my collection,her eyes and lips are her best features :) Here is the first pic where you can see the kind of set and light I use frequently,if you have any suggestion please don't hesitate to let me know,as I am constantly trying to improve my doll photography!!! 
Next one is a long shot,my babe's full length...
Let's take a look at her close ups now!
Here comes the last one..a close head shot!!
That's all for today,although I took hundreds of pics ;) Once I start clicking my babes I just go on and on................