Sunday 2 November 2014

Coffee With Midge

Hello doll lovers of the world!! Hope you had an awesome Halloween this year.

The weather  is so lovely these days,the other day I took my Midge out to a nearby cafeteria,don't remember what was the last time I was so enthusiastic about taking a doll out,haha! I know I am being partial to her a lot,these days :D 

Anyways it was a weekday afternoon so the cafeteria was not crowded at all which worked in my advantage,so just a few curious eyes here and there were all that I had to face,not many you see :D 
Here is the outcome of Midge's day out ;) I dressed her up in floral,it goes so well with her charming personality.Thank God it's not cold yet,as I don't have any winter gear for my dolls,I guess because of our hot and humid weather mostly our toy stores only bring summer clothes for dolls,luckily it's not the same for the humans!  :D :D 

Have an awesome Sunday <3