Friday, 10 October 2014

Midge,My New Muse

A new member has arrived in my dolly family after long,who is none other than Barbie's BFF Midge,and let me tell you,she is so beautiful that I am constantly planning a new shoot with her!! Her expression and facial features are the biggest plus points.Now I hope Raquelle doesn't  hear me praising Midge! :D Btw Midge is my first rooted eyelash doll from Barbie that Mattel has released,so you can understand how special she is for me.

Here is some info about the older version of Midge that I had collected from the web.
"Barbie got her first best friend in 1963, when red haired freckled-faced Midge Hadley came onto the market. Midge had a variety of hair colors which matched with her swimsuit: Blonde came with two shades of blue, brunette came with pink and red, and titian came with yellow and orange. She is most noted as being a redhead."

Not my photo :)
Not my photo:) 

"In 1963, Mattel introduced Midge onto the market, which had lesser makeup and a more friendly look than Barbie, and won the hearts of little girls everywhere, just like Barbie. Midge started dating Alan Sherwood in 1964, while Barbie was dating Alan Sherwood's  friend Ken. Midge, Barbie, Alan and Ken would double-date. Midge disappeared in 1967, and Barbie got a new best friend, P.J., who used the same Midge face mold. The only difference was that P.J. had rooted eyelashes and only came in blonde.Midge came back in 1988, with California Dream Midge which used the "Steffie" mold from the early '70s. The same mold was used for "Cool Times" Midge in 1989. In 1990, she used the "Diva" mold."
Wow that's some info,btw don't you think today's Midge is more prettier and savy? Haha,well,aren't we all these days? ;)
Here is the new Midge,she comes with another dress,which is of course a bonus,I love to buy dolls with extra clothes,they are so much fun to open,right? 

She comes in this pretty red dress and red polka dotted jacket,which makes her look so adorable as soon as you catch the very first glimpse of her.

Lets open her jacket now :) 

Isn't she adorable ?

Here she is,in her other dress,which is a polka dotted one,looks like Midge is a big fan of polka dots,the best part about Midge is that none of her clothes are PINK,I am just so tired of those cutesy pink clothes that Mattel keep releasing every year without any fail!!
Such a pretty frock:) 

I used snapseed vintage filter for the last photo,I guess it perfectly suits her oh-so-exotic-face-with-a-vintage touch,what do you think? 

So that was all I had to ramble about today. Btw I also bought the Midge fashion pack the other day,which Midge is gonna model for you soon,till then wish you all a lovely weekend from Midge n me! <3 

Pamela B 


  1. I do love Midge! I have several versions of her including the very first version and the latest version of her. Hmmm, sounds like I should maybe do a Midge photoshoot showing all of versions of Midge and Alan that I have!

    1. Wow that's awesome that you have all the versions of Midge,that makes you a true Midge lover! :)
      In my childhood Mattel used to release only Barbie,Skipper and Ken in my country,btw I am from India,so I never had a Midge before.
      You must do a photoshoot with Midge to show the transition she has gone through in all these years! :)

  2. Hi Pam, the new version of Midge is the best for me, I have this beauty too and love her face and expression! She's very special. The last picture is indeed perfect for her, just look at that sweet, somewhat melancholic face!!! And don't worry, I will not tell Raquelle LOL. I wish you a great weekend too xx

    1. Awww :) You are so generous with your comments!! Thanks a lot dear for dropping by.
      Yes so far whoever I have come across who has this new Midge is all praise about her,you and I are also no exception!! :D

  3. She is a lovely doll, isn't she? I've been wanting one since the Dreamhouse dolls were first released and we started to see them on the american blogs. I finally bought her myself yesterday - she was the first one I've seen here in Australia and the only one in the shop. They had some of the Barbies and one Raquelle as well but none of the others but Midge is the best, isn't she?

    1. Yayyy congratz!! :D Yes Midge is the best,I totally agree with you.
      The fun part is she has no pink in her wardrobe yet!! ;) Here in India the dolls from the Dreamhouse that I have seen so far are Barbie,Raquelle,Midge and Teresa.Raquelle got sold out faster than any one else which I believe is because of her outfits!! :D Thank you so much for dropping by.

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