Monday, 8 October 2012

Who Wore It Better

Hi friends,I couldn't post in the past few days neither could I comment on your posts,I had some ugly real life issues going on in my life,which kept me away from the enchanting dolly I decided to be back in the world of dolls,I think because of my dolls and all you lovely doll lovers I am still able to keep my sanity intact in the big bad real world,or may be I had already lost it lol!!!!Anyway who cares ;)

My today's post is all about who wears a certain dress better,there is this cute little dress which was originally Sassy's meet outfit,I like this dress because of its cut,colour combination and length,I thought why not try it on Barbie,Raquelle and Nikki one by one...I live the rest on all you dolly fashion EXPERTS to decide "who wore it better" in your opinion!!!!:D:D:D
Sassy who originally wore the dress!!
Who shall I try the dress on at first...hmm it has to be none other than the Barbie!!!!!!
Barbie !!
Next would be Raquelle!
Now it's Nikki's turn!
Nikki !!

Who do you think wore it better ? Is it Barbie,Sassy,Raquelle or Nikki?

That's all for now,friends!



  1. Hi,Pam!
    We're blessed to have on our dolls a culture of PEACE!This can support us in the days of hurt or agony that happens to everyone of us unfortunatelly.
    Well,I must confess that I LOVE this dress and it's possible that I buy someday the SASSY Fashionista,just for the dress!!
    I love this style something 60's.
    NIKKI in my opnion wears it in a great elegant way.It suits well on her skin tone also...NIKKI is my vote!
    Hugs Full Of Hope From BRASIL!!

    1. Hi Jorge!
      Thank you so much!! :)
      I think all of us are really privileged that we have our doll world to turn to when there is a problem in our real world.
      I agree with you that Nikki wears it the best.But I can see from the other comments, that Raquelle stole the show as always,she is a smart chick I must say!:D

  2. I hope things are going better and I'm glad you're back with us. :)
    I really love that dress. I like it on everyone, but after Sassy I'd have to say I really like it on Raquelle, but I'm probably just biased since she's a favorite. ;)

    1. Hi Alura!
      Thanks a lot dear!
      I also agree with you that the dress is so charming that it suits everyone,it is one of those dresses that hides your flaws and enhances your pluses!!;)
      I know Raquelle is the diva who is getting more admiration these days among all the Barbie fashionistas!!
      Keep in touch dear,btw how I got a complaint,it's been long since you posted anything!!!:(:(:(

  3. I love it on them all, but my vote is for Sassy. I love the pink streak in her hair that goes well with the dress.

    1. Hi Georgia Girl!
      Thanks for the visit and the comment dear.
      I am glad that you like the dress on all of them!:)I agree with you,Sassy's hair goes with her dress so well.
      Keep in touch!:)

  4. Everybody looks gorgeous! I would choose Sassy the original one with the dress :)

    1. Hi dear,thanks for the visit and the vote!!:)I am glad that you choose Sassy!!;)

  5. The four of them are gorgeous in that dress... but you know I always prefer Raquelle, she's outstanding!

    1. Hi Rossetti!
      Thanks for the visit and the comment dear.
      Well no one can deny this fact that Raquelle is outstanding not only in this dress but also in all the other outfits!!;):D

      Do visit again!:):):)

  6. I'm with Alura and Rossetti. Raquelle is my favorite fashionista so my vote goes to her.

    1. Hi limbe dolls!
      Thanks dear.

      I can see that clever Raquelle is getting all the admiration!!:):D;)hmmmmm
      Do visit again!!

  7. Hello from Spain: I hope that you're better than your everyday problems. The Barbies are serve to disconnect from everyday life ... I have the same dress and one of my favorites. I think the dress suits her better Raquelle. I also really like the boots. Great job stylist. Keep in touch

    1. Hi Marta!
      Thanks dear!:)
      I agree with you that our dolls are the best escape from the never ending life issues...........
      This dress is one of my favourites too,this time I can see Raquelle is the WINNER!!:):D
      We keep in touch!:):):)

  8. Add my hopes with the others that things are going better with you.

    Weirdly enough, I'm not a big fan of "Barbie" Barbie, but I think that dress is most flattering on her. Her makeup is a perfect match and her hair coloring makes the dress stand out.

  9. Real world "sucks" - sorry...hope things get better with you.
    I liked Nikki,
    Her skin color was a good completement to the purple on the dress.

  10. I think Raquelle looks the best in this dress! There is something about the dark hair and the dress I like!