Saturday, 15 September 2012

Who Is Your Favourite Fashionista ?

 Hi friends,the other day I finished a photo-shoot with none other than my fave Raquelle,Raquelle is the most beautiful girl in the Barbie fashionista range, in my opinion!!!:) 

I just love Raquelle,well,I know she has been portrayed as a snob who tries to steal Ken in the popular TV show "Barbie Life In A Dream House"!! But tell me one thing don't we all secretly dream of the bad boys and bad girls in real life too ?;) Sometimes we even lose our mind completely and fall for the baddies...................................
Btw if anyone among my readers is not much aware of Raquelle,for them I would like to mention that Raquelle is a white-skinned girl with adorable,dark brown eyes and silky,black hair,I find her breathtakingly gorgeous!! What about YOU ?:D
I love those dazzling eyes of hers!!
Isn't she looking like a diva in her beautiful,pink gown ? I preferred to keep her look simple and fresh by adding no jewellery,I love to see her long bare neck,I just didn't wanna add a neck-piece to cover it.
Now I am gonna show YOU the pics where I was playing around with whatever lil' editing knowledge I had;) First a B&W one,I really have a soft corner for the B&W pics!!
Now I feel the urge to put color..............I am gonna increase the saturation at the maximum point! Let's see how it turns out in the end;)
Her red lips are so addictive!
I like the soft yellow glow on her,I think she looks more human and less doll now,do you think she looks like a loyal friend of Barbie or the snob who is nothing but a boyfriend stealer? :D

I look forward to your opinion friends,I have been trying my best to improve my photography skills,I am obsessed with my dolls and clicking them,but at the end of the day I would be very happy only if I can bring a smile on your lips before YOU leave my page.



  1. Raquelle is definitely my favorite fashionista. I just think she's so stunning. And you've really captured her beautifully in these shots.

    1. Hi Alura,thanks a lot for the view and comment!:)

      I am glad, that you feel I have done justice to our fave Raquelle in those shots!!:D To tell you the truth she is so beautiful that I don't need to do much, other than keeping my hand steady while pressing the!

  2. Raquelle is a gorgeous doll. I really like your pictures. I don't see anything wrong with your photography. Love the B/W pics.

    1. Hi GG! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

      I am very glad that YOU like my pics,your words are so encouraging!!

      A big hug to you!!:D

  3. I still have some Fashionistas in their boxes and I mostly bought them for rebodying purposes. I like the latest versions of Raquelle and Ryan. Both of them would have to be my favorite.

    Love how clear your photos are. You've captured her beautifully.

    1. Hi Muff!Thanks a lot for liking my pics,dear:D ;D

      I am glad to know that you also love Raquelle nd Ryan,unfortunately none of the boys is available in my country!! Arrrrrgghhhhhhh!!!!!!!

      My gals are getting crazy without any boy in the house!!!!!

  4. When I saw her in a store I couldn't go out without her, I just LOVE her, she is so gorgeous! Great pics!

  5. Hi Rosetti! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!!:)

    I totally agree with you that she is so gorgeous,in fact she is irresistible in my opinion ;) ;D

  6. Hello from Spain: my favorite fashionista is also Raquelle. I have your same Raquelle. She is very pretty and has a very nice black hair. Keep in touch