Thursday, 6 September 2012

A Day Out With Barbie

Hi friends,yesterday my darling daughter and I had a day out,we were supposed to visit one of our fave malls ,luckily which happened to be an open air mall,it's a huge mall with lots of open space and greenery,after getting ready I felt a sudden urge to take one of my gals out with me ;) Now the question was who it should be,my daughter wanted me to take her fave Raquelle whereas I thought Barbie was the best option,she really deserved a day out,as it's been long that I worked with her.......

Hurriedly I dressed her up and put my camera in the bag along with the diva,I was very excited as I never get a chance to shoot outdoor :) Finally we started our journey,within a few minutes after we started it was raining heavily,I was looking out the car window and praying for the rain to be stopped so that I could take some awsome snaps of my sweetheart Barbie!!! But the rain God was unhappy with me I guess :( It kept raining heavily for the next seven/eight hours,eventually we had to change our plan and go to another mall which was a closed one,as you can understand Barbie was getting impatient in my bag,so I took her out at the McDonald's and started clicking her .Now it's for you to judge whether she looks cool or not,here I present a few snaps for your eyes only..........

Well that's it for today,I would like to know about your outdoor shooting experiences if you have any,the question that I would like to ask YOU are ;
What are the places you usually take your dolls for the outdoor shooting?
What's the most difficult thing about the outdoor shooting other than people staring? :D
What's the best part of the outdoor shooting in your opinion?

Look forward to your lovely comments so that I can learn a lot from all of you beautiful doll people !!:)



  1. Well i usually take my dolls to places, where there is no other people;)

    The most difficult is make doll stand without any help:)

    I love those blue shoes. They were with doll? or they're from accessory pack?

    1. Hi Natalia,I must say that you are very lucky bc I stay in a city which is over-populated,so there is no such place called where there is no other people :)
      I totally agree with you about the difficulty of making the doll stand on its own!!
      You are right,those lovely blue shoes are from outfit & accessory pack of Barbie Fashionista range!!!:D
      Thanks :):):)

  2. The color schemes in the photos are nice and I love those blue shoes! Rainy days don't have to be a disaster for shooting. The cloud cover sometimes makes great diffusion (you get light with less glare). If your camera can adjust for different exposure levels you will need to play with it when you shoot outdoors on cloudy days. It also helps to have a spot or two of bright color in the image (like the blue accents in your photos). I find that overcast days make the colors change in your image and often wash things out.

    One of my favorite places for outdoor shoots is a nature preserve near my house.

    1. Thank YOU so much for dropping by my blog and such a lovely comment :)
      I also think that overcast days spoils the shoot to some extent.Unfortunately it was not just a cloudy day... it was raining heavily,so I couldn't take her out :(
      Keep in touch :)

  3. Hello from Spain: I take pictures outside in the garden and in the parks. There must be other people in the picture because it does not seem real. Your photos are very nice. I really like the bag that has the Barbie. We keep in touch.

    1. Hi Marta thanks a lot for dropping by my blog and posting such a lovely comment :)
      I am glad that you like the bag,it's one of my fave bags,I have this bag for ages,unfortunately I forgot how and when I got this bag :/
      Of course we keep in touch!!!:):):)

  4. I never take doll photos outside because I don't like being outdoors. I'm sure I've never taken my dolls anywhere actually, lol. I might try it one day, but I doubt it. ^_^

    Did anyone give you funny looks when you were in McDonalds?

    1. Hi Muff,great to hear from you :)

      Well as for funny looks,I didn't notice much,as I was busy shooting my Barbie,but my daughter kept saying "mom,those girls looking at you","mom, that father nd son staring at you" lol !!!!!