Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Summer The Flower Girl

Hi everyone,what's happening in your dolly world ? I was really busy with my daughter's exam last week,as soon as her exam was over I went for doll shopping,yayyyyyy I was overjoyed because I bought two dolls together after a long time, one is Hollywood Barbie,another is Barbie's friend Summer from the series "Life In A Dream House".Both dolls are gorgeous as always,but my fave is Summer between two of them,what's my fault if they launch a more attractive face mould for Barbie's friend not for the actual diva Barbie!!! As per my daughter's opinion they can not change Barbie's face so they are experimenting with her friends,lol,any ways last night I did a photo session with my newest gal Summer,to tell you the truth I never expected that this shoot would turn out so good!!!

 That was Summer,my friends,tell me how do you like her? You know something,since the day I saw her picture I decided to buy her immediately...I just love everything about Summer,her eyes are so deep,her lips are so beautiful and so is her complexion.Eternal flower girl Audrey Hepburn in the Hollywood classic "My Fair Lady" was the inspiration behind my yesterday's shoot :D

I would love to know what was the last doll that you purchased?:D BTW if you have a blog about dolls or any other blog where you need followers,then I would love to follow you of course only after you follow me here ;) ;) ;)



  1. awesome pics,nice post.

  2. You photos are amazing! I love them.

    1. Hi Karen, getting a complement from YOU for my photos is a huge thing for me :)Thank you so much dear!!!!

  3. Wow!!! You have amazed me again!! Summer shines bright, flashing her are a great photographer!! :)