Saturday, 11 August 2012

Barbie or Summer? New Fashionistas-

Hi everyone,as I told you last week I was too busy with my daughter's exam so this week I am really on a doll shopping spree,which is the best way to de-stress according to me and all the doll lovers in the world,if you are a doll lover too you would surely agree with me!!!

I bought two dolls, one is Barbie fashionista another is Barbie's friend Summer,she is also a fashionista :D Here I post two pics of my two newest doll!! 
Hollywood Barbie
Barbie's friend Summer from "Life in A Dream-house series"!!
Now I wanna know your opinion about both my new gals ;) Tell me who do you like the most??
Any ways bye for now,it's 11:43 in the night in my



  1. New follower! Love your pics! Welcome to blogspot! I also am a fan of yours on Flickr :) stop by my blog and say helllo:)

    1. Hi did u follow me?I mean I was looking for "chynadoll",but was disappointed not to find u :(
      I am gonna check your blog now and start following :)

  2. Hi Pam! I am now following you - thanks for following me ;-D

    I admire your beautiful photography. Regarding the two new Fashionistas ... I prefer Summer.

    1. Hi D7ana you are most welcome :)And thanks a ton for following me,you made my day!!:)I also prefer Summer than Barbie these days I mean since I have her ;)