Saturday, 28 July 2012

Sunday Photo-shoot With Sassy

Hi everyone,it's Sunday here,I have plenty of time today....I wanna do a photo-shoot with Sassy,she is gorgeous,I am in love with her beautiful,green eyes!!Here is the first picture,where her eyes are very prominent.
There is something in her eyes that I can not express in words,her eyes tell a lot of tales...that's how I feel,I have been fascinated with Barbie dolls from a very young age..probably when I was in 8th grade I got my first Barbie,she came in a beautiful white dress,knee length,in those days Barbies used to wear knee length dresses or skirts,can you believe it? ;) Wish I could keep all my childhood Barbies,today I would shown you how beautiful they were!!!
Isn't she absolutely stunning? Her hair is wavy and thick goes upto her waist,I love those streaks in her hair!Here is a long shot of Sassy for you to take a look at!!!!!!
The best part about these new range of Barbie dolls are their flexibility,as far as making them to pose is concerned I would say sky is the limit,I love FASHIONISTAS,they rock!Bye for today.Have a rocking Sunday,everyone :D



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