Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Ravishing Raquelle

Hi doll lovers,today morning I was really confused about what could be done with so many beautiful pics that I took of my three favourite dolls,Raquelle,Sassy and Nicky....suddenly an idea popped up in my mind which was none other than starting up a blog about my dolls on Blogger!!! So  I created this doll blog for all the doll crazy people like you,today I am going to introduce you to my last purchase Raquelle,she is a beauty,to tell you the truth there is nothing much to talk about her awesomeness,you must see her gorgeous pics yourself to agree with me.Here I present them in front of you one by one FOR YOUR EYES ONLY-

Isn't she absolutely stunning? You know since I bought her last SAT I just couldn't resist myself from  clicking her,she is such a diva.......................
The best part is that she is the most photogenic doll in the recent times!!Wait for lots of beautiful pics and interesting  updates about Raquelle and my other two dolls Sassy and Nicky,right now I have these 3 fashionistas and soon I am planning to buy a Barbie fashionista and her friend Summer,she is also a fashionista,In case you are new to the doll world and wondering what "fashionista" stuff is all about,I would like to tell you that they are the new and most flexible version of the Barbie dolls,how flexible you must have already seen in my pics :D                                                                                                                                                                        

Please follow me and don't forget to dazzle my blog with your valuable yet sweet coments:) This was my first post in this blog,need your help and best wishes to make my blog a success.BTW I WILL ALWAYS FOLLW BACK COMMENT BACK :D                   

Bye for now!!


  1. Sheeeee is a real head turner and there can't be better way to capture her different moods as you did. An apt title for the work of art. Indeed the pics looks ravishing

    1. Thanks a ton,Anirban,for such a ravishing comment!!!